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Dual Shaft Mixer

How much do you know about planetary mixer matching reducer rules?

The planetary vertical shaft mixer is a kind of machinery that performs planetary stirring in the form of a vertical shaft. Planetary vertical shaft mixer is a multifunctional mixing machine. It has a unique and novel stirring form. There are two or three agitators and one or two automatic wall scrapers in the kettle. While revolving around the axis of the escalator, the agitator also rotates around its own axis at different speeds to make the material in the kettle Do complex movements inside, receive strong shearing and kneading.

planetary mixer

planetary mixer

The optional reducer for the planetary mixer follows the following characteristics:

1. The planetary mixer is equipped with a reducer that is suitable for continuous or intermittent duty. Depending on the installation of the mixing blades, it is allowed to run clockwise or counterclockwise. For details, please refer to the direction of rotation of the equipment.

2. The rated speed of the input shaft is 1500 rpm or 1000 rpm. When the shaft extension of the output shaft and input shaft cooperates with other parts, direct hammering is never allowed to prevent the structural position from shifting.

3. Input and output, the flat key on the shaft extension is selected and matched according to the standard of "ordinary flat key".

4. The output shaft of the reducer cannot withstand large axial force and radial force. When the coupling is connected with the motor and the reducer, the axes should be concentric.

5. Before installing the reducer, remove the bolts on the half-coupling. After the motor and the reducer are fixed on the support, power on the reducer for trial operation. After the trial operation is normal, install the bolts on the coupling. nut and tighten. At this time, the test run of the whole machine can be carried out without load, and the load operation can be carried out after the operation is normal.

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