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    What is Planetary Mixer?
    Plantary Mixer is a new type of mixing equipment, suitable for various high-viscosity and high-solid materials.

planetary mixer

1) There are three different types of planetary mixers in the blender. One of the groups of agitator rotates around the central axis of the kettle body. The other two groups of mixing device with different speed rotation speed. To make the material in the kettle for complex movement, the material is strongly cut and mixed. In the equipment, '山' shape blade around the axis of the kettle body rotation, on the cylinder wall and bottom material scraped off and involved in mixing, mixing effect is more ideal.

2) In the form of the agitator, according to the matterial requirements can be designed as a multi-layer blades, frame type, butterfly type,leaf type, etc.

3) The hydraulic lifting device of cylinder, the cylinder can move freely, the operation is very convenient.

Planetary Mixer Working Principle

Based on the concept of planetary motion, a specially designed agitator performs rotation and rotation around the planetary axis in the mixing container. The specific working principle is as follows: 

1) Planetary motion: The mixer rotates around the axis of the planet, and at the same time, the planetary axis also rotates around its own center, forming a trajectory of planetary motion. This allows the blender to perform comprehensive, even mixing and mixing throughout the entire container.

2) Multi-dimensional mixing: usually equipped with multiple mixers, including central mixers and planetary mixers. The central mixer is responsible for pushing the material to the outside, while the planetary mixer mixes and stirs inside the container.

3) Container design: The container is usually cylindrical or spherical, with suitable size and mixing capacity. The inner wall of the container is usually equipped with the drive mechanism and attachments of the agitator to ensure that the agitator moves inside the container.

planetary mixer machine

Some key features and characteristics of an industrial planetary mixer:

Powerful Motor Industrial planetary mixers are equipped with powerful motors that provide the necessary torque and speed to handle heavy, dense, or viscous materials.
Variable Speed Control

Most industrial planetary mixers offer variable speed settings, allowing operators to adjust the 

mixing speed to suit the specific requirements of the product being mixed.

Bowl Lift Control

Many industrial planetary mixers feature a bowl lift mechanism that raises and lowers the mixing bowl, making it easier to load ingredients and remove finished products.

Safety Features

Safety is a top priority in industrial settings.These mixers often include safety features such as 

interlocks, emergency stop buttons, and overload protection to protect both the equipment and 


Continous Operation

Industrial planetary mixers are designed for continuous use, which is crucial in production 

environments where a constant supply of mixed materials is required.


Manufacturers often offer customization options to tailor the mixer to specific industry 

requirements, including the option for additional features such as temperature control or vacuum mixing capabilities.

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Planetary Mixer Structure

The industrial planetary mixer is a high-efficiency mixing equipment. Its working principle is that through the rotation and rotation of the planetary mixing head, the material is continuously subjected to shearing, extrusion, friction and other forces in the three-dimensional space, thereby achieving mixing, stirring, Grinding and other purposes. Planetary mixers have the advantages of good mixing effect, simple operation, wide application range, high production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. They are widely used in mixing, stirring, grinding and other processes in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, paint and other industries.

planetary mixture

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JCT Machinery was established in 2006 at Foshan China that specializes in the design, manufacture, and supply of various industrial machinery and equipment. We offer a wide range of machinery for industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing and cosmetics.

We have developed and designed cases with multiple partners around the world, our mission is focusing on prociding reliable and efficient equipment for industrial proocesses.Taking a reputation for quality manufacturing, customization options, and excellent after-sales support is one of our goals.

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