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What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Hot Melt Glue? | JCT Machinery

May 22, 2024
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    What is hot melt glue?
    Hot melt glue is a plastic adhesive substance, which is a synthetic resin that can change its shape as the temperature changes. Hot melt glue is colorless and odorless. It is an environmentally friendly chemical product and has a relatively low cost, so it is widely used in the home. It is widely used in manufacturing and textiles.
Hot Melt Glue Manufacturing Process
  • 1. Raw Material Preparation

  • The main raw materials of hot melt glue are synthetic resin, rubber and additives. During the production process, these raw materials must be prepared and added to the reactor in a certain proportion for mixing.

  • 2. Mixed Reaction

  • After adding the raw materials into the reactor, the mixing reaction is carried out. In this process, the temperature and time of the reaction need to be controlled to ensure the full progress of the reaction. When the reactiion is completed, a viscous paste-like substance will be produced, which is the raw material for hot melt glue production.

  • reactor

  • 3. Thickening Treatment

  • In order to improve the viscosity and storage stability of hot melt glue, the raw materials need to be thickened. The specific method is to add thickeners such as capillary powder to the reactor and stir again.

  • 4. Forming

  • The thickened hot melt glue is molded through a molding machine. The molding machine extrudes the ho melt glue into strips or granules, which facilitates subsequent storage and use.

  • 5. Packaging and Storage

  • The formed hot melt glue will be packaged. Common packaging methods include cardboard barrels, plastic barrels, etc. The storage conditions of hot melt glue require dry, cool, ventilated, and avoid direct sunlight and high temperature environment to maintain its stability.

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