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Polysulfide Sealant Reactor | JCT Machinery

May 17, 2024
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    What is polysulfide sealant?
    Polysulfide sealant is a kind of sealant with liquid polysulfide rubber as the main material. It is made of various materials such as tackifying resin, vulcanizing agent, accelerator and reinforcing agent. This sealant has excellent resistance to fuel, hydraulic oil, water and various chemicals, and is also resistant to heat and atmospheric aging.
Reactor can be used to manufacture polysulfide sealant.
  • 1. Mixing and Reaction Capabilities

  • Production process of polysulfide sealant involves the mixing and reaction of multiple raw materials, such as vulcanizing agents, resins, fillers, etc. Reactor provides an environment suitable for mixing and reaction. By regulating conditions such as temperature, pressure and stirring, it ensures full mixing and reaction of the reaction materials.

  • 2. Control Reaction Conditions

  • Production of polysulfide sealant requires strict control of reaction conditions such as temperature , pressure and time to ensure the stability and consistency of product quality. Reactor has a flexible temperature control system and stirring system, which can meet the needs of different reaction conditions, thereby achieving precise control of the reaction process.

  • 3. Mass Production Capacity

  • Reactors usually have a large capacity and can mmet the needs of mass production of polysulfide sealants. By rationally designing and configuring reactors, efficient production lines can be realized and production efficiency and capacity can be improved.

  • 4. Safety

  • Reactors are usually equipped with safety equipment such as safety valves and temperature sensors to ensure the safety and stability of the production process. When producing polysulfide sealant, some reaction conditions need to be strictly controlled, and reactor can provide reliable safety guarantee.


Applications of Polysulfide Sealant
1. Used for waterproof and anti-rust protection of chassis and exterior welds of carriages.
2. Used for waterproof and rust-proof sealing of metal plate fixing screws and rivets on ceilings, compartments and floors.
3. Used for insulating glass sealing, metal and concrete curtain wall joints.

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