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Sigma Mixer Maintenance Manual | JCT Machinery

October 30, 2023

sigma mixer

  1. 1. Lubricating parts should always be filled with lubricating oil. Refuel more than twice per shift. Press-in oil lubrication should be performed every twenty days. The oil sump is lubricated and replaced every months.

2. According to the use and wear of the wall panel shaft seal, adjust or replace the seal appropriately.

3. Regularly check steam pipes and joints to ensure there are no leaks.

4. After the sigma mixer has been running for six months, it should be maintained, the wearing parts should be inspected, and  appropriate repairs or replacements should be made.

5. After the sigma mixer is installed, clean and decontaminate it first, and wipe it with anti-rust grease. Check each lubriacation point and inject oil (grease).

6. Before starting the sigma mixer, check the tightness of the V-belt and adjust the bolts to move the motor to the appropriate position.

7. Check whether fasteners are loose, whether steam pipes are leaking, and whether circuits and electrical equipment are safe. Electrically heated sigma mixers must have a grounding device.

8. Clean the sigma mixer chamber and allow it to drain for 10-15 minutes before testing. Only after confirming that the sigma mixer is operating normally, it can be put into production. The gears of new sigma mixer are noisy at first, and the noise will decrease after a certain period of use.

9. When steam heating is used, there should be a safety valve and pressure gauge on the pipeline. The steam pressure  must not exceed the pressure requirements of the mixing tank for the sign.

10. The sigma mixer working room should minimize the use of reversal.

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