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Sigma Mixer Debugging Operation Instructions | JCT Machinery

November 01, 2023

1. Before starting Sigma Mixer, check the tension of the V-belt, whether the fasteners are loose, whether the steam pipe is leaking, and whether the circuit and electrical equipment are safe.

2. Check whether the cooling water needs to be replenished or replaced. In principle, if there are attachments floating on the cooling water, it needs to be replaced. The water level of the cooling water must be maintained at least 2/3 of the bucket.

3. Turn on the power and press the start button:

• Open the cylinder cover and make sure there are no foreign objects or large amounts of residual glue in the cylinder.

• Press the motor forward button to ensure that the machine can mix normally.

• Press the motor reverse button to ensure that the machine can reverse and stir normally.

• Press the cylinder turning button to ensure that the machine can turn over normally.

• Check each pressure gauge and oil pipe to ensure there are no abnormalities.

4. When pouring raw materials into the Sigma Mixer, be sure to turn off the main power of the machine.

5. When pouring raw materials, be sure not to mix bag debris and other debris into the Sigma Mixer chamber.

6. After mixing, the chamber needs to be cleaned promptly. At this time, the main power of the Sigma Mixer must be turned off.

7. The heating system is a high-temperature medium. Please be careful when using it. DO NOT use your hands to test whether the pipes and Sigma Mixer are heated to avoid burns.

8. It is necessary to clean the debris and oil, check the lubricating oil in various parts, such as whether the oil line is smooth, whether the oil cup and oil hole are blocked, and then inject lubricating oil.

sigma mixer blade

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