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Sigma mixer
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Sigma Mixer Structure
Sigam mixer consists of a stirring tank, a ∑-shaped stiring paddle, a driving system, a heating or cooling system and other parts. The material is mostly stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials.
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Sigma Mixer Working Principle
Sigma mixer is equipped with 2 intermeshing ∑-shaped stirring blades. These blades rotate at different speeds in the mixing tank, generating strong shearing force and kneading effect.

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    Application of Sigma Mixer In Production of Battery Negative Electrode Materials
    1. Mixing and Kneading
    Add graphite powder, carbon black, binders and other additives into the mixing tank, and form a uniform slurry through the powerful mixing and kneading action of sigma mixer.
    2. Vacuum Degassing
    In some production processes, air bubbles in the slurry need to be removed and the mixing can be performed under vacuum conditions. Sigma mixer can be equipped with a vacuum system to achieve this.
    3. Continuous Production
    In order to improve production efficiency, sigma mixer can be linked with other equipment to achieve continuous production processes.

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Advantaged of Sigma Mixer for Producing Battery Negative Electrode Materials
  • 1. Handling High Viscosity Slurries

  • The production of battery negative electrode materials usually involves the mixing of high viscosity slurries. The strong shear force and kneading action of sigma mixer can effectively handle these high viscosity materials and ensure uniform mixing.

  • 2. Mix Evenly

  • Negative electrode materials such as graphite, carbon black and binders need to be evenly mixed to ensure the electrochemical performance and consistency of the materials. Sigma mixer provides uniform mixing results, ensuring consistent product quality in every batch.

  • 3. Efficient Dispersion

  • During the production process, the partivles in the material need to be fully dispersed to avoid agglomeration. High shear force of sigma mixer can effectively disperse the particles and improve the performance of the material.

  • 4. Temperature Control

  • In some cases, the mixing process needs to be carried out under specific temperature contitions to ensure material properties and reaction conditions. Sigma mixer can be equipped with heating or cooling systems to precisely control mixing temperatures.

  • 5. Shorten Mixing Time

  • Due to its efficient mixing and kneading action, sigma mixer is able tto shorten mixing times and increase production efficiency.

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