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Putty Powder Manufacture | JCT Machinery

December 16, 2023

Putty powder, also known as wall putty, is a white cement-based powder that is commonly used to coat walls before painting to ensure a smooth and even surface.

putty powder

Putty Powder Manufacturing Process
  • 1. Raw Material Preparation
    Cement: The main ingredient in putty powder is white cement. It provides adhesion and contributes to the strength of the putty.
    Fillers: Various fillers, such as calcium carbonate, talc, or silica, and added to improve the texture and filling properties of the putty.
    Modifiers: Additives like polymers or cellulose may be included to enhance the flexibility, water resistance, and bonding characteristics of the putty.
  • 2. Mixing
    The raw materials are accurately weighed and then mixed thoroughly in specific proportions. This is typically done using mixers or blending equipment to ensure a homogenous mixture.
  • 3. Addition of Water
    Water is gradually added to the dry mix while continuously stirring to achieve the desired consistency. The amount of water added is crucial in determining the workability and application properties of the putty.
  • 4. Blending and Grinding
    The wet mixture undergoes further blending and grinding to achieve a smooth and fine texture. This step is essential for producing a putty with good spreadability and adhesion.
  • 5. Quality Control
    Samples are taken from the batch for quality control purposes. Testing may include checking for consistency, fineness, and other performance-related properties.
  • 6. Packaging
    Once the putty powder is thoroughly mixed and meets quality standards, it is packaged into bags or containers for distribution. Proper packaging helps prevent moisture absorption and ensures a longer shelf life.
  • 7. Storage
    Packaged putty powder is stored in a dry and cool environment to maintain its quality. Exposure to moisture can lead to caking or deterioration of the product.

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