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Jacketed Reactor In PVAc Glue Production Process | JCT Machinery

April 26, 2024
jacketed reactor
What Is Jacketed Reactor?
Jacketed reactor is a common reactor equipment, mainly used in chemical reaction, mixing, synthesis and other process in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. Its characteristic is that a jacket is arranged outside the reactor, and heating or cooling medium such as hot water, stream, thermal oil, etc. can be transferred inside the jacket by circulating flow, so as to control the temperature of the reaction materials. Jacketed reactor is usually composed of inner tank, outer shell, jacket, agitator, temperature control system and other parts.
Jacketed in PVAc Glue Production Process
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    1. Polymerization
    The production of PVAc glue usually includes an emulsion polymerization process. Jacketed reactor provides a controllable heating and cooling environment, so that the polymerization reaction can be carried out under suitable temperature conditions to ensure the quality and yield of the reaction materials.
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    2. Solvent Evaporation
    In the production of PVAc glue, it is usually necessary to evaporate the water and solvent in the emulsion to obtain the required adhesive. Jacketed reactor can provide suitable heating conditions to accelerate the evaporation process of water and solvent and shorten the production cycle.
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    3. Additive Mixing
    In the production process of PVAc glue, various additives and modifierd may need to be added to adjust the properties of the glue. Jacketed reactor can provide a good mixing environment to fully mix various additives and ensure the stability and performance of the product.
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    4. Fine Control
    The production process of PVAc glue requires strict temperature, pressure and stirring control. Jacketed reactor is equipped with a corresponding temperature and stirring control system, which can accurately control the reaction conditions to ensure the quality and consistency of the product.

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