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Industrial Sealants | JCT Machinery

January 26, 2024
  1. 1. Silicone Sealant
  2. Silicone sealan is a silicone polymer-based sealant that has excellent antioxidant and high-temperature resistance. Silicone sealants are commonly used in industrial areas for high temperature sealing applications. Silicone sealan is a strong, soft material that effectively reduces vibraion and noise.

  3. Silicone sealant has excellent initial adhesion properties and high oil resistance. It is resistant to water, oil, acid and alkali. It also has excellent electrical insulation and chemical stability. It is widely used in welding, cutting and surface treatment of processing equipment.

  4. silicone sealant

  5. 2. Polyurethane (PU) Sealant
  6. PU sealant is a high-quality sealing material with similar properties to silicone sealant, with good viscosity, toughness and elasticity. PU sealant is widely used in medium and high-end assenbly line products in the fields of automobile manufacturing and construction.

  7. PU sealant has excellent adhesion, softness and high temperature resistance, can resist corrosion from various chemical substances, resist ultraviolet radiation and resist aging, and is economical and practical. It can also be used in waterproofing materials, roof repair and other processes.

  8. pu sealant

  9. 3. Epoxy Sealant
  10. Epoxy sealant is a polymer material with high strength, hardness and corrosion resistance. Epoxy sealan is widely used in manufacturing areas where high levels of natural resistance, heat resistance and component srength are required.

  11. Epoxy sealant is an excellent sealing material with strong adhesion and water resistance, and can effectively protect the integrity of some parts. At the same time, after certain structural adjustments, epoxy sealant can also be used to manufacture a variety of metal crafts, furniture, electrical appliances and building materials.

  12. epoxy sealant

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