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Hot Melt Adhesive Manufacturing Process | JCT Machinery

November 17, 2023

Hot melt adhesive is a type of thermoplastic adhesive that is commonly used in various industries for bonding purposes. "Hot melt" means it will form a molten state when heated, become solid when cooled to room temperature and stick to objects. Let's talk about the hot melt adhesive manufacturing process!

Hot melt adhesive manufacturing process
1. Raw Material Preparation

The primary raw materials include polymer resins, tackifying resins, waxes, and other additives. The choice of raw materials depends on the desired properties of the final adhesive.

2. Weighing and Mixing

Accurate amounts of raw materials are weighed according to the adhesive formulation. The materials are then mixed together in a controlled environment to achieve a homogenous blend.

3. Melting and Homogenization

The mixed raw materials are melted in a heated reactor. The temperature is carefully controlled to facilitate the melting of solid components. The melted mixture undergoes homogenization to ensure uniform distribution of all components.

4. Deaeration

In some cases, the melted adhesive may undergo a deaeration process to remove any entrapped air or gases.

5. Addition of Additives

Depending on the specific requirements, additives such as stabilizers, colorants, or performance-enhancing agents may be added to the molten adhesive.

6. Testing and Quality Control

The molten adhesive is subjected to quality control tests to verify its properties, such as viscosity, adhesion strength, and thermal stability.

7. Cooling and Solidification

After passing quality control, the molten adhesive is cooled to solidify it into its final form. The cooling process can involve extrusion onto a cooled surface or casting into specific shapes, depending on the intended application.

hot melt adhesive

Afeter package, you can sell them, please keep the adhesive in appropriate conditions.

Due to different shapes of hot melt adhesives, the equipments required for the corresponding production lines are different and will not be listed in detail here. You can feel free to contact us for the hot melt adhesive production line, we provide turnkey project from materials to equipments.

Also, different shapes with different hot melt adhesive manufacturing process.

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