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Why Double Planetary Mixer Is Suitable For Battery Slurry Mixing? | JCT Machinery

April 03, 2024

Double planetary mixer is a kind of mixing equipment commonly used in lithium battery production. It has the following features and advantages:

  • 1. High Mixing Effect

  • Double planetary mixer adopts double planetary paddle design, which has higher mixing effect and uniformity. Through the movement of the two sets of planetary paddles, the material can be stirred and sheared in different directions at the same time, thereby ensuring full mixing and uniform dispersion of the material.

  • 2. High Power and High Speed

  • Double planetary mixer usually has large power and high speed ranges, which can adapt to the needs of handling high viscosity materials in the lithium battery manufacturing process. High power and high speed can provide powerful stirring ability, so that materials can be mixed evenly and meet the required preparation requirements.

  • 3. Adjustable Process Parameters

  • Double planetary mixer usually has adjustable process paramters such as rotational speed, clamping speed and time. This allows operators to flexibly adjust and optimize according to the characteristics of different materials and production requirements to obtain the best mixing effect and production efficiency.

  • 4. Safety and Reliability

  • Double planetary mixer usually has stable performance and reliable operating protection functions to ensure the safety of the production process. It usually use advanced safety control systems and equipment protection devices to prevent accidents and damage caused by abnormal conditions or operating errors.

  • 5. Adapt to a Variety of Materials

  • Double planetary mixer is not only suitable for mixing electrolytes, slurries and other materials in lithium batteries, but can also be used for the preparation of other relaed materials, such as electronic glue, coatings, cosmetics, etc.

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