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Dispersing Disc In High Speed Disperser | JCT Machinery

January 09, 2024
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Dispersing Disc Size

The diameter of the high speed disperser vessel, the diameter of the dispersing disc and the reasonable working position directly affect the dispersion effect and efficiency. Normally, we recommend that the customer should deviate the dispersing disc 3-5 cm from the center during early dispersion, and adjust it when the powder is sucked into the lower laminar flow. Adjust to high speed.

Properly adjust the height of the feed and the insertion depth of the dispersing disc. During the high-speed operation of the dispersing disc, the material will form a deep vortex, so it is necessary to prevent the material from overflowing from the edge of the dispersing cylinder.

Dispersing Disc Diameter
There is a reasonable ratio between the diameter of the dispersing disc and the dispersing vessel, the purpose is to make the material circulate better. A large dispersing disc consumes much more power than a small dispersing disc. For high speed disperser with same power, dispersing discs with different diameters have very different effects and energy consumption. The stirring power is related to the 5th power of the diameter of the dispersing disc and the rotation speed. Proportional to the cube of. In order to make the circulation better, the dispersing vessel is generally not equipped with baffles and should not have dead ends, so it is better to have a dish-shaped bottom.
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Dispersing Disc Position
  • 1. Generally speaking, the instruction manual of high speed disperser requires that the dispersing disc be placed in the center position.

  • 2. From a mechanical point of view, the dispersed shaft offset motion will bring additional load to the shaft and increase power consumption. First, it consumes power, and second, excessive motor loss can easily cause frequency conversion protection.

  • 3. From the perspective of chemical engineering, proper shaft offset is a good thing, which is beneficial to improving dispersion efficiency. It can also prevent the liquid from swirling, reduce the depth of the vortex, and improve the circulation effect. Therefore, the shaft offset distance should not be too large, generally not more than 2 times the diameter of the dispersion shaft, to avoid affecting the operation.

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