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Cotton Around The Pipe Of Sigma Mixer | JCT Machinery

June 20, 2024

sigma mixer

1. Prevent Heat Loss
• Improved Thermal Efficiency: During the working process of sigma mixer, especially when processing high viscosity materials or in processes that require heating, the materials in the pipeline need to maintain a certain temperature. Wrapping a layer of cotton can reduce heat loss to the outside world and improve thermal efficiency.
• Stable Temperature: The insulation layer can help keep the temperature of the material in the pipeline stable, avoid changes in material performance due to temperature fluctuations, and thus ensure product quality.
2. Energy Saving
• Reduced Energy Consumption: Reducing heat loss through insulatiion can reduce energy consumption and thereby reduce production costs. Especially in the case of long-term operation or high-temperature operation, the thermal insulation effect is remarkable.

sigma blade mixer
1. Prevent Scalding
Sigma mixer pipe will become very hot during the heating process, and the operator may get scalded if he touches the high-temperature pipe. Wrapping a layer of cotton can isolate the high-temperature pipe, reduce the risk of scalding, and improve the safety of operation.
2. Reduce Thermal Stress
The insulation layer can reduce the huge difference between the outer wall of the pipe and the ambient temperature, reduce the impact of thermal stress on the pipe material, and extend the service life of the equipment.
  • Prevent Condensation and Dew Condensation
    When handling low-temperature or high-humidity materials, the temperature of the outer wall of the pipe may be lower than the dew point temperature, causing waer vapor in the air to condense on the outer wall of the pipe to form condensed watter. Wrapping a layer of cotton can insulate, avoid the formation of condensed water, prevent equipment and ground from being slippery, and ensure the cleanliness and safety of the production environment.
  • Sound Insulation
    The vibration and noise generated by sigma mixer during operation may be transmitted through the pipe. The insulation cotton can also play a certain role in sound insulation, reduce environmental noise, and improve the comfort of the working environment.

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