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Can The Same Production Line Be Used To Produce Different Types Of Silicone Sealant? | JCT Machinery

April 15, 2024
  • The set-up acidic silicone sealant production line usually cannot be directly used to produce neutral silicone sealant. Although acidic silicone sealant and neutral silicone sealant are both silicone glue, there are obvious differences in their producion processes, formulas and curing mechanisms, so corresponding adjustments and improvements are required for production coversion.
Silicone Sealant Production Line Main Differences
  • 1. Catalyst Differences

  • Acidic silicone sealant requires the use of an acidic catalyst (such as acetic acid), while neutral silicone sealant requires the use pf a neutral catalyst. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the catalyst supply system and the materials in the reactor to ensure that the requirements for neutral silicone rubber production are met.

  • 2. Recipe Adjustment

  • The formula of neutral silicone sealant is usually different from that of acidic silicone sealant, including the type and proportion of catalysts, fillers, diluents, etc. Therefore, the formula needs to be adjusted and optimized to ensure the performance and quality of neutral silicone sealant.

  • 3. Improvements In Production Processes

  • The curing process of neutral silicone sealant usually does not produce harmful gases such as acetic acid. Therefore, the production process needs to be improved accordingly, such as adjusting parameters such as reaction temperature and curing time to adapt to the production requirements of neutral silicone sealant.

In summary, although acidic silicone sealant production line can provide some production equipment and infrastructure, a series of improvements and adjustments are still required when converting to the production of neutral silicone sealant. In particular, changes involving catalysts, formulations and processes require careful design and verification to ensure the production quality and efficiency of neutral silicone sealant.

silicone sealant production line

  • Differences Between Acidic Silicone Sealant and Neutral Silicone Sealant
    In general, the viscosity of acidic silicone sealant and neutral silicone sealant may be different, bu it is impossible to generalize which glue will have greater viscosity, because the viscosity depends on the specific formula, production process and usage conditions, etc. factor.
    The viscosity of acidic silicone sealant and neutral silicone sealant will be controlled and adjusted during production to meet product requirements. The viscosity can be adjusted by changing the content of fillers, diluents, cross-linking agents and other ingredients in the rubber compound. Generally speaking, rubber with higher viscosity is more suitable for bonding vertical surfaces, while rubber with lower viscosity is more suitable for bonding horizontal surfaces.
    Therefore, it cannot be simply concleded that the viscosity of acidic silicone sealant must be greater than that of neutral silicone sealant, or vice versa. The viscosity range of each silicone sealant needs to be determined according to the specific product formula and usage requirements, and adjusted and controlled according to actual needs.

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