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Can The Materials In Reactor Be Overweight? | JCT Machinery

March 27, 2024

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Dangers Of Overweight Reactor

  • 1. Equipment Damage

  • If the weight of the material exceeds the load capacity of reactor, it may cause structural deformation or damage to reactor, or even serious equipment failure.

  • 2. Security Risk

  • Overweight materials may cause reactor to become unstable or tilt, increasing safety risks for operators and even causing accidents.

  • 3. Product Quality Problem

  • Overweight materials may affect the mixing and reaction process in the reactor, leading to product quality problems, such as uneven mixing, incomplete reaction, etc.


In order to avoid overweight in reactor, operators should strictly abide by the equipment's instructions for use and comply with the range requirements. At the same time, they can also rely on the data of the weighing module for reference. The weighing and measuring module of reactor is an equipment module used for measure the weight of materials in reactor.

reactor weighing module

What is Reactor Weighing Module?

Reactor weighing module is mainly composed of load cell, amplifier, display instrument and connector. Among them, the load cell is the core component, responsible for sensing the weight of the material in reactor and converting it into an electrical signal; the amplifier amplifies the electrical signal and transmits it to the display instrument; the display instrument displays the weight of the material in real time. The connector connects the weighing module and reactor for easy operation and use.

Functional Features of Reactor Weighing Module

  • Real-time Weight Monitoring
    The reactor weighing module can monitor and record the weight changes of materials in reactor in real time. By combining with the monitoring system, the weight changes of materials during the reaction can be monitored and recorded in real time, providing timely data support for the production process.
  • Precise Control of Reaction Conditions
    With the help of weighing module, operators can accurately control the amount of materials fed and the amount of product collected in the reactor, thereby achieving precise control of the reaction process. This helps to improve the stability of the reaction and the purity of the product, ensuring the quality and efficiency of the production process.
  • Safety Guarantee
    Reactor weighing module can also be used to monitor the weight changes of materials in the reactor, detect abnormalities in time and take corresponding measures to ensure the safety and stability of the production process.

Use and Maintenance of Reactor Weighing Module

  • 1

  • Aviod being close to heat and vibration sources when using reactor weighing module.

  • 2

  • Keep the scale pan the scale body clean and tidy to ensure accurate measurement and the service life of the scale.

  • 3

  • Some parts of the signal line of electronic scale are exposed to the outside, so it must be strictly protected from damage by insects and mice.

  • 4

  • Reactor weighing module cannot be overloaded, and pay attention to the humidity and dust in the operating environment.

  • 5

  • Open the scale cover regularly and remove debris underneath to ensure the stability of the electronic scale.

  • 6

  • When it is not used for long time (such as more than 1 month), it should be powered on and checked according to environmental conditions to avoid moisture or other bad gas erosion that affects reliability.

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