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Sigma Mixer In Butyl Rubber Production | JCT Machinery

December 18, 2023

The role of sigma mixer in butyl rubber production is to ensure the uniformity, consistency and processability of the rubber mixture, while laying the foundation for the final performance of the rubber product.

sigma mixer

Sigma Mixer in Butyl Rubber Production
  • 1. Mixed Rubber Formula
    Sigma mixer is used to mix and evenly disperse the raw materials of butyl rubber. This includes rubber particles, fillers, plasticizers, vulcanizing agents, antioxidants,etc. Mixing is a critical step in rubber preparation, ensuring that the various ingredients are thoroughly mixed to form a homogeneous rubber mixture.
  • 2. Rubber Heating and Plasticizing
    Sigma mixer provides mechanical energy during the mixing process to squeeze, fold and cut the rubber material, and at the same time heats the rubber to soften and plasticize it. This helps to encourage the various additives to be fully dispersed in the rubber.
  • 3. Increase Temperature and Reduce Viscosity
    Through extrusion and frictional heat, the kneader is able to increase the temperature of the rubber and reduce its viscosity, making it easier to mix with other additives to form a uniform rubber mixture.
  • 4. Rubber Molecular Chain Breaks
    In sigma mixer, rubber molecular chains may undergo breaking and reforming, which helps change the physical properties of the rubber to make it more suiable for specific applicaions.
  • 5. Control of the Mixing Process
    Sigma mixe allows precise control of the mixing process, adjusting parameters such as temperature, time, extrusion force, etc. to ensure that the quality and performance of the rubber meet the requirements of the product.
  • 6. Pre-vulcanization Treatment
    During the final stages of compounding, sigma mixer may perform a pre-vulcanizaion process, in which a vulcanizing agent is introduced to prepare the rubber for the final vulcanization process. Vulcanization is a key step in developing elasticity and strength in rubber products.

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