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Why Is The Market For Hot Melt Glue Stick Huge? | JCT Machinery

January 13, 2024
Hot melt glue stick has a wide range of uses.
  • 1. Handicrafts and Decoration
    Hot melt glue stick is great for crafts and decorating projects. It can be used to bond various materials, such as paper, cloth, plastic, feathers, etc., making them stronger during hand-making.
  • 2. Packaging and Sealing
    In the packaging industrym hot melt glue stick is often used to seal and adhere packaging materials, such as cartons, paper bags, plastic films, etc. Due to the rapid curing properties of hot melt adhesive, fast and effective sealing can be achieved.
  • 3. Carpentry and Home Improvement
    Hot melt glue stick is commonly used in woodworking and home improvement for temporary or quick bonding. It can be used to repair furniture, wood products, and even for temporary clamping during woodworking projects.
  • 4. Handmade and DIY Projects
    Hot melt glue stick is a common tool iin DIY projects. It can be used to glue, repair and assemble a variety of items, from simple home decor to complex handcrafted projects.
  • 5. Electronic Equipment Repair
    In electonic equiipment repair, hot melt glue stick can be used to secure, insulate and bond electronic components. It has good insulating properties and can protect electronic components from moisture and other environmental factors.
  • 6. Industrial Manufacturing
    In some light industrial manunfacturing, hot melt glue stick is used for temporary or quick bonding, such as during packaging and assembly.

hot melt glue gun

How to use hot melt glue stick?
  • 1. Prepare hot melt glue stick gun

  • Before inserting hot melt glue stick, plug the hot melt glue stick gun into the power socket and turn it on for heating. Wait until the hot melt glue stick gun reaches operating temperature.

  • 2. Insert hot melt glue stick

  • Insert one end of the hot melt glue stick into the glue slot of the glue gun. Make sure hot melt glue stick can be heated and melted evenly.

  • 3. Waiting for heating

  • Wait for hot melt glue stick to completely melt inside glue gun. Hot glue guns often have indicator lights that indicate when sufficient temperature has been reached.

  • 4. Extruding hot melt glue

  • When hot melt glue stick is completely melted, pull or press the trigger of glue gun to squeeze the melted glue out through the nozzle. Pay attention to the extrusion speed and the amount of glue used.

  • 5. Glue objects

  • Squeeze hot melt glue onto the object to be bonded. Please adjust the position of the object before the hot melt glue cools, as hot melt glue solidifies quickly.

  • 6. Waiting for curing

  • Wait for hot melt glue to cool and solidify. The curing time is usually short, but it's best to wait a while to make sure the glue has fully cured.

  • 7. Trim excess glue

  • If necessary, use a knife or scissors to trim excess hot glue.

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