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What Is Nail Free Glue? | JCT Machinery

December 27, 2023
What is Nail Free Glue?
Nail free glue typically refers to a type of adhesive or glue that is designed for bonding materials without the need for nails, screws, or other machanical fasteners. This type of glue is often used in carpentry, woodworking and other applications where a strong bond is required and the goal is to create a seamless and nail-free finish.
What are the advantages of nail free glue?
  • 1.No Need To Use Nails or Screws

  • Nail free glue allows items to be attached directly to walls, floors or other surfaces without the needs for nails or screws. This avoids damage to walls or other surfaces, reducing the cost and hassle of repair work.

  • 2.Easy to Use

  • Nail free glue is very easy to use, just apply glue to the back of the item and stick it where you want it. Compared with using nails or screws for fixation, nail free glue is more convenient and faster.

  • 3.Wide Scope of Application

  • Nail free glue works on a variety of different materials, such as wood, matal, plastic and more. It can be used to fix various small items such as photos, picture frames, decorations, hooks, etc., and can also be used to fix larger items such as furniture, appliances, etc.

  • 4.Reusable

  • Nail free glue has a certain degree of stickiness and can be applied and removed multiple times. This means that if you need to change locations or rearrange a room, items can be easily removed fromo their original location and re-adhered to their new location.

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