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What Is Multi Shaft Mixer? | JCT Machinery

December 25, 2023
multi shaft mixer            
What is Multi Shaft Mixer?
Multi shaft mixer is an industrial mixing equipment that features more than one shaft, each equipped with its own set of agitators or mixing elements. The multiple shafts and agitators work together to provide a complex and efficient mixing action. Multi shaft mixer is designed for various applications across different industries and offer advantages in terms of versatility, efficiency and the ability to handle diverse materials.

Multi Shaft Mixer Working Principle
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    The working principle of multi shaft mixer is based on hydraulic transmission, multi-axis collaboration and intelligent control. Its core is to organically combine hydraulic technology with mixing machinery to achieve efficient integration of lifting, mixing and control.
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    Hydraulic lifting system
    Multi shaft mixer hydraulic lifting system adjusts the position of the mixer through the lifting movement of the hydraulic cylinder. By controlling the hydraulic system, the stirrer can be easily raised and lowered to adapt to different container heights, ensuring a deep and even mixing process.
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    Three-axis multi function mixing
    One of the unique features of multi shaft mixer is its multi-shaft collaborative mixing design. Not only does it have a main stirring shaft, it is also equipped with rotation, wall scraping and two-way stirring functions. This  multi-axis collaborative stirring method ensures uniform mixing of the stirring liquid in different directions, improving the quality and efficiency of the mixing effect.
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    Intelligent control system
    Multi shaft mixer is equipped with an advanced intelligent control system. By presetting parameters, the intelligent control system can automatically adjust mixing parameters to adapt to diifferent process needs. At the same time, it can also record data during the mixing process to provide data support for subsequent process optimization.

Multi shaft mixer brings new opportunities to modern industrial production with its innovative working principle and multiple advantages. Whether in the fields of fine chemicals, glue making or pharmaceuticals, multi shaft mixer is making positive contributions to the development of all walks of life and becoming one of the most efficient mixing equipment.

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