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Steam In Jacketed Reactor | JCT Machinery

June 18, 2024
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    What is jacketed reactor?

    The jacket of a jacketed reactor is a space surrounding the outside of reactor, usually used to pass heating or cooling media to control the temperature inside the reactor. The jacket is generally designed as a double-layer structure with space in the middle for the medium to flow. In order to ensure uniform heating or cooling effects, the flow of the medium in the jacket should be as smooth as possible and cover the entire jacket area.
  • Physical Properties of Steam

    Steam is water in a gaseous state with low density and high fluidity. When heated, steam rises, and when cooled, it falls. This natural convection phenomenon makes steam more efficient in the bottom-up flow direction.
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Feed Direction From Top to Bottom

1. Uniform Heating
Steam enters jacketed reactor from top to bottom, which can ensure uniform heat distribution in the jacket and help uniform heating of the materials in jacketed reactor.
2. Condensate Discharge
Steam enters from the top, and the condensed water flows down naturally. The condensed water is discharged from the bottom to prevent the condensed water from accumulating in the jacket and affecting the heat transfer efficiency.

Feed Direction From Bottom to Top

1. Avoid Condensed Water Accumulation
Steam enters from the bottom and gradually diffuses upward, which can effectively drive away the condensed water in the jacket and discharge the condensed water from the top to prevent the accumulation of condensed water from affecting the heating effect.
2. Temperature Control
This method is conducive to more precise control of the temperature distribution of the jacket, especially for chemical reactions that require strict temperature control.

jacket reactor

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