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What Is RTV Silicone Rubber Unique Properties? | JCT Machinery

December 26, 2023
Unique Properties
  • 1. Curing at Room Temperature
    Unlike other silicone rubbers that require elevated temperatures for curing, rtv silicone rubber solidifies and cures at ambient or room temperature. This makes it convenient for applications where heat curing is not practical.
  • 2. Ease of Use
    RTV silicone rubber is user-friendly and easy to use. It is typically available in ready-to-use kits with pre-measured base and curing agent ratios, allowing for straightforward mixing and application.
  • 3. Versatility
    RTV silicone rubber is known for its versatility and can be used for various applications, including mold making, casting, potting, sealing and bonding. It is available in different formulations to suit specific requirements.
  • 4. Flexibility and Elasticity
    The cured rtv silicone rubber exhibits excellent flexibility and elasticity, making it suitable for applications where a soft and pliable material is desired. This property allows it to conform to irregular shapes and provide good cushioning.
  • 5. Chemical Resistance
    RTV silicone rubber offers resistance to moisture, chemicals and environmental factors. It is known for its stability in the presence of water, oils and many chemicals, contributing to its durability in various conditions.
  • 6. Mold Making and Casting
    RTV silicone rubber is commonly used for mold making in industries such as arts and crafts, prototyping and manufacturing. It allows for the reproduction of intricate details and can be used for casting various materials.
  • 7. Electrical Insulation
    Due to its electrical insulating properties, rtv silicone rubber is used in electronic applications for potting and encapsulating electronic components to provide protection against moisture and environmental factors.
  • 8. Medical and Food Grade Options
    Some rtv silicone rubber formulactions are available in medical or food-grade versions, making them suitable for applications in the medical field or for products that come into contact with food.

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