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Precautions For Safe Operation Of High Speed Disperser | JCT Machinery

November 06, 2023
high speed disperser            
Preparation Before Start Up

1. Check whether the hydraulic oil level of the high-speed disperser is normal. It should be added to the specified oil level.

2. Turn the paddle blades with your hands. Normally they should rotate flexibly without any friction sound.

3. Turn on the main motor of the high speed disperser and check whether the stirring direction is the same as the direction specified by the equipment, and whether there are any abnormal noises and vibrations.

4. After confirming that the above inspections are correct, formal production can be started.

Turn On High Speed Disperser

1. Place the paddle blades in the center of the barrel, press the drop button, and drop to the lowest position or required position.

2. Turn on the main motor, adjust the speed according to the operation requirements, and adjust the button to the appropriate speed.

3. During operation, you should always pay attention to whether there are any abnormal noises and vibrations in the high speed disperser. If abnormal noise or vibration is found, stop the vehicle to check the cause and take measures to eliminate it before continuing to work.

high speed disperser blade            
high speed disperser machine            
Turn Off High Speed Disperser

1. Press the stop button to stop all impeller rotation.

2. Press the up button to raise the spindle paddle blades above the edge of the barrel, push the barrel away and then clean the paddle blades.

3. When rising, the ceiling cannot be lifted to the top to prevent the hydraulic oil pump from operating under overpressure and damaging the hydraulic pump.

4. When raised, the paddle blades cannot scratch the extended part of any equipment to prevent the paddle blades from deforming and damaging the balance of the high-speed disperser's body.

5. When descending, there should be no objects that prevent the rotating shaft and paddle blades from descending to prevent damage or deformation of the impeller or shaft.

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