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Conical Screw Mixer | Definition, Features, Advantages | JCT Machinery

November 22, 2023
conical screw mixer            
What is Conical Screw Mixer?
Conical screw mixer, also known as conical screw blender or vertical screw mixer, is a type of industrial mixing equipment designed for the gentle and efficient blending of dry powders and granules. The key feature of this mixer is its conical-shaped vessel and a helical screw or ribbon auger that rotates along the axis of the cone. The design facilitates a lifting and tumbling action, ensuring a thorough and homogeneous mixing process.
Conical Screw Mixer features

• Conical Vessel: The conical shape of the mixing vessel allows for efficient material movement.

• Helical Screw or Ribbon Auger: The rotating screw or ribbon auger is mounted along the axis of the cone. Its design promotes gentle lifting and cascading of the material.

• Gravity-Assisted Mixing: The conical design and the gravity-assisted flow contribute to a natural and effective mixing process.

• Easy Material Discharge: The conical shape facilitates easy and controlled discharge of the blended material from the bottom of the mixing vessel.

conical screw mixer feature             
Conical Screw Mixer advantages
  •  Efficient Mixing

  • The conical screw mixer design ensures efficient and thorough mixing of powders and granules, leading to a consistent and homogenous blend.

  •  Gentle Handling of Materials

  • The gentle lifting and tumbling action of the screw prevent excessive attrition or breakage of particles, making conical screw mixers suitable for delicate materials.

  •  Reduced Downtime

  • Quick and easy access to the mixing chamber and discharge point simplifies cleaning and maintenance, reducing downtime between batches.

  •  Customization Options

  • Manufacturers often offer customization options to tailor conical screw mixers to specific application requirements, including vessel size, material of construction, and additional features.

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