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Battery Slurry Mixing System | JCT Machinery

March 11, 2024
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    Why need battery slurry mixing system?
    Battery slurry mixing technology is to mix active materials with conductive agents, binders and solvents, and evenly disperse them through mechnical stirring, ultrasonic treatment and other means to form a slurry with good dispersion and flowability for subsequent coating processes.
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    Double Planetary Battery Slurry Mixing System
    Ton bag feeding station • Small bag feeding station • Powder buffer tank • Loss feeder • Premix tank • Glue making tank • Liquid storage metering tank • Electromagnetic filter • Double planetary mixer • MES central control system

What battery slurry mixing systems are there?

  1. 1. Double planetary battery slurry mixing system

  2. 2. High speed battery slurry mixing system

  3. 3. Twin-screw continuous battery slurry mixing system

  •  Production Status
    Double Planetary Battery Slurry Mixing System : can be used for materials with higher viscosity, as well as powder materials and materials with high viscosity and high density. Another major advantage of the system is that it can be used for the production of materials with higher putput requirements.
    High Speed Battery Slurry Mixing System : suitable for materials with low or moderate viscosity.
    Twin-screw Continuous Battery Slurry Mixing System : mix materials through high-pressure extrusiion, so it can be widely used in materials from low to high viscosity, and can directly deef dry powdery materials in production.
  • Production Advantages
    Double Planetary Battery Slurry Mixing System : has good stability and easy operation, and is easy to operate and maintain. Because he operation layout of double planetary mixer is intuitive and simple, the operator can quickly master the operating skills. At the same time, the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment are relatively convenient, and the mixing container can be quickly cleaned and replaced, reducing the downtime of the production line.
    High Speed Battery Slurry Mixing System : can quickly complete multiple circulation mixing, and the food pump has a large flow rate. One tank of slurry can complete one cycle in 2 to 3 minutes.
    Twin-screw Continuous Battery Slurry Mixing System : can achieve an almost seamless connection between the incoming and putgoing materials. It can quickly and continuously mixing while feeding the material and complete the discharging, achieving an uninterrupted mixing effect.

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