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Adhesive Mixer Machines | JCT Machinery

November 10, 2023
Adhesive Mixer Machines

Adhesive mixer machine is a piece of equipment specially used for mixing and dispensing adhesives. The adhesive mixing process is critical to ensuring an even and consistent mix of adhesive ingredients. Adhesive mixer machines help mix adhesive formulations efficiently and uniformly.

There are a variety of adhesive mixer machines. Here are brief introductions:

adhesive mixer machine reactor            
Reactor refers to a vessel or container in which the adhesive components are mixed and chemically reacted to form the adhesive product. Reactors assist in the mixing of raw materials during the adhesive manufacturing process and facilitate the required chemical reactions to form the adhesive.
Z Blade Mixer
Z blade mixer, also known as Sigma blade mixer, is a type of mixing equipment commonly used in the production of adhesives. The strong shear generated by its counter-rotating z-shaped blades is particularly suitable for handling high viscosity materials and materials that require thorough mixing and kneading.
adhesive mixer machine z blade mixer            
adhesive mixer machine planetary mixer            
Planetary mixer consists of a set of mixing blades that rotate on their own axes while also orbiting around a central axis. This dual motion creates a highly effective mixing and blending action. It is widely used in the adhesive industry for their efficiency, flexibility, and ability to handle a variety of formulations. 
High Speed Disperser
High speed disperser is equipped with a dispersing blade, which is designed to rapidly rotate and generate intense shearing forces. This blade can be configured in various shapes and sizes depending on the specific requirements of the adhesive formulation. Blades are effective in breaking down solid particles and achieving uniform dispersion in liquid mediums.
adhesive mixer machine high speed disperser            

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