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Brief Introduction Of 107 Glue | JCT Machinery

April 16, 2024
107 adhesive
What is 107 Glue?
107 glue, the polyvinyl formal adhesive, which is an adhesive formed from a solution or emulsion using water as the medium. Because 107 gluehas the characteristics of non-flammable, low price and easy to use, it is widely used in construction projects and can be used as building adhesives and the base material of various interior and exterior wall coatings and floor coatings.
Features of 107 Glue
  • 1. Quick Drying

  • 107 glue usually has a faster drying speed and can form a strong bond in a short time.

  • 2. Suitable For Many Materials

  • This kind of glue is usually suitable for a variety of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, rubber, paper, etc., and has good versatility.

  • 3. Strong Bonding

  • 107 glue usually has excellent bonding strength and can achieve long-lasting bonding effects, and is suitable for some demanding application scenarios.

  • 4. Durability

  • Suitable 107 glue usually has good water resistance, temperature resistance, aging resistance and other properties, and can maintain the bonding effect for a long time.

  • 5. Easy to Use

  • 107 glue is generally easy to apply and won't run or drip, allowing users to procisely control where and how much glue is applied.

  • 6. Environmental Protection

  • Some 107 glue may have low volatility, contain no harmful substances, and meet environmental protection requirements.


Why Use Reactor to Produce 107 Glue?
1. Mass Production

Reactor usually has a certain capacity and can accommodate a large amount of raw materials for mass production, which is suitable for the needs of large scale production of 107 glue.

2. Mixing and Heating Functions

Reactor has mixing and heating functions, which can mix raw materials and control the heating temperature, which helps to adjust the formula and production process of 107 glue to ensure stable product quality.

3. Response Control

Reactor can accurately control parameters such as temperature, pressure, and stirring speed during the reaction process to ensure the stability and controllability of the reaction conditions, which is benificial to the production process control of 107 glue.

4. Safety

Reactor usually has certain safety protection measures, such as temperature sensors, pressure valves, etc., which can ensure the safety of the production process and reduce the risk of production accidents.

5. Easy to Operate

The operation of reactor is relatively siimple, and the operator can easily adjust he reaction conditions through the control panel to achieve automated production and improve production efficiency.

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