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How is the lithium battery High-speed Slurry Production System realized?

August 03, 2023

Lithium battery High-speed Slurry Production System is a very important part of lithium battery manufacturing. It is used to uniformly mix positive and negative active materials, electrolytes, conductive agents and other raw materials to prepare positive and negative slurry for batteries. The following are the general lithium battery homogenization process steps:

Lithium battery High-speed Slurry Production System

Raw material preparation: First, it is necessary to prepare positive active materials, negative active materials, electrolytes, conductive agents and other raw materials, and crush and sieve these raw materials to ensure the fineness and uniformity of the powder.

Weighing and mixing: Weigh and mix the required raw materials according to the battery formula and ratio. The purpose of mixing is to mix each raw material evenly to ensure the stability and consistency of battery performance. During the mixing process, care needs to be taken to avoid any impurities or foreign matter, so as not to affect the quality of the battery.

Homogenization process: Put the mixed raw materials into the homogenization equipment for homogenization. Homogenizers are usually high-shear mixing equipment, such as three-roll mills, ball mills, twin-screw extruders, and the like. Through high-speed stirring, shearing and mixing, the raw materials are fully mixed and reach a uniform slurry state.

Adjust slurry performance: During the homogenization process, the slurry can be adjusted as needed, such as adjusting the concentration, viscosity and other parameters of the slurry to meet the requirements of the battery manufacturing process.

Degassing treatment: Degassing treatment is performed on the homogenized slurry to remove air bubbles and voids in it to ensure the density and consistency of the slurry.

Slurry Storage: Store the processed slurry in appropriate containers with necessary identification and records.

Slurry application: Coating or smearing positive and negative electrode slurries on current collectors (such as copper foil, aluminum foil, etc.) to form positive and negative electrodes. Then stack the positive and negative electrodes, add the separator and electrolyte, and finally complete the battery assembly.

Lithium battery homogenization process requires strict control of raw material quality, process parameters and equipment status to ensure the preparation of high-quality lithium battery positive and negative electrode slurry, thereby ensuring the performance and quality of the battery.

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