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What are the characteristics of the high-speed disperser? | JCT Machinery

A high-speed disperser, also known as a high-speed mixer or high-speed agitator, is a type of equipment used in various industries for mixing, dispersing, and homogenizing materials. Here are some of its key characteristics:

High-speed operation: As the name suggests, a high-speed disperser operates at high rotational speeds, typically ranging from 500 to 5000 revolutions per minute (RPM). This high-speed rotation generates strong mechanical forces, facilitating efficient mixing and dispersion.

high speed disperser

Motor power: High-speed dispersers are equipped with powerful electric motors to drive the mixing shaft and agitator blades. The motor power varies depending on the size and application of the disperser, ranging from a few horsepower to several dozen horsepower.

Agitator blade design: The disperser consists of a vertical shaft with an agitator blade or impeller attached at the bottom. The agitator blade design can vary, but common types include saw-tooth blades, cowles blades, and propeller blades. These blades are designed to create high shear forces and turbulence to disperse and mix materials effectively.

Adjustable height: High-speed dispersers often feature an adjustable shaft height mechanism. This allows operators to raise or lower the agitator blade to accommodate different batch sizes and vessel heights.

Vessel support: Dispersers can be mounted on different types of vessels, such as tanks, drums, or containers. They may include clamps or other mechanisms to securely hold the disperser in place during operation.

Speed control: Many high-speed dispersers offer speed control options, allowing operators to adjust the rotational speed of the agitator blade. This feature enables precise control over the mixing process and facilitates optimization for different materials and applications.

Materials of construction: High-speed dispersers are typically constructed using materials that are resistant to corrosion and chemical reactions. Common choices include stainless steel, carbon steel with suitable coatings, and sometimes specialized alloys or composite materials, depending on the specific application requirements.

Safety features: To ensure safe operation, high-speed dispersers often incorporate safety features such as motor overload protection, emergency stop buttons, and guarding to prevent accidental contact with rotating parts.

Versatility: High-speed dispersers are used in a wide range of industries, including paint and coatings, chemicals, adhesives, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. They can handle various viscosities and are capable of dispersing solids into liquids or creating homogeneous mixtures.

Overall, high-speed dispersers are robust and efficient mixing tools, well-suited for applications where thorough dispersion and rapid mixing are required.

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