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What is the difference between hot melt adhesive blocks, strips, and pillows? | JCT Machinery

May 12, 2023
hot melt adhesive blocks

Hot Melt Adhesive Blocks

Hot melt adhesive blocks are solid blocks or chunks of adhesive material. They are typically packaged in rectangular or cylindrical shapes. These blocks are designed to be melted in specialized hot melt adhesive equipment, such as hot melt glue guns or melting pots. The adhesive blocks are loaded into the melting equipment, where they are heated and liquefied before being applied onto the desired substrate. Hot melt adhesive blocks are commonly used in industrial applications that require larger volumes of adhesive.

Hot Melt Adhesive Strips

Hot melt adhesive strips are pre-formed adhesive materials that come in a long, narrow strip format. These strips are often provided with a peel-off backing or liner for ease of handling and application. Hot melt adhesive strips are typically used in manual or semi-automatic hot melt adhesive application processes. They are commonly employed in industries like packaging, woodworking, and product assembly, where precise adhesive application is required. Hot melt adhesive strips are fed into a hot melt glue gun or an automated dispensing system, which heats and melts the adhesive for application.

hot melt adhesive strips

hot melt adhesive pillows

Hot Melt Adhesive Pillows

Hot melt adhesive pillows, also known as adhesive cartridges, are pre-formed adhesive units enclosed in a pillow-shaped casing. These pillows are typically made of a heat-resistant material that can withstand the high temperatures required to melt the adhesive. Hot melt adhesive pillows are often used with specific hot melt adhesive applicators or dispensing systems. The pillows are inserted into the applicator, which heats and melts the adhesive inside, allowing it to be dispensed in a controlled manner. Hot melt adhesive pillows are commonly utilized in applications that require precise adhesive placement, such as electronics assembly or product packaging.

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