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Factory Price High Quality New High Speed Disperser | JCT Machinery

May 14, 2024
high speed disperser
High Speed Disperser Structures
Motor • Drive system • Frame • Dispersing disc • Mixing tank • Control system • Safety devices
High Speed Disperser Mixing Rules
  • 1. High Speed Rotation

  • High speed dispersers are usually equipped with a high speed rotating dispersing disc, which is usually connected to the shaft of the motor and is driven by the motor to produce high speed rotating motion.

  • 2. Shear Force

  • High speed rotating dispersing disc generates shear force during the mixing process. When the dispersing disc rotates at high speed, the surrounding medium (usually liquid) is forced to move along the surface of dispersing disc, causing shear between the media, thereby causing solid particles or liquid substances to be dispersed or homogenized.

  • 3. Eddy Current Effect

  • High speed rotating dispersing disc will also produce eddy current effects. When dispersing disc rotates, the medium is forced to form a vortex along the surface of the dispersing disc, causing the solid particles or liquid substances in the medium to undergo strong shearing and mixing.

  • 4. Collision Effect

  • Due to high speed rotation of dispersing disc, collisions may occur between solid particles or liquid substances, thereby accelerating the dispersion and homogenization process.

high speed dispersers
JCT Machinery New High Speed Disperser with Factory Price
JCT Machinery professional in manufacturing chemical mixing equipments since 2006. High speed disperser as one of the most important equipments in paint production line is often a hot sale product.
High speed disperser is suitable for a variety of industrial and lab applications that require thorough mixing, dispersion and homogenization of solid particles or powders with liquid media.

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