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Vertical Kneader In Aerospace Area | JCT Machinery

December 27, 2023

Vertical kneader may involve multiple steps when preparing rocket propellant, including mixing, reaction, curing and other processes.

vertical kneader

Production Process
  • 1. Material Preparation
    Prepare raw materials such as solid fuel components, oxidants, maintainers and additives. The choice of these materials depends on the specific formulation and requirements of the propellant.
  • 2. Mixing and Preprocessing
    Put various raw materials into vertical kneader and start mixing and preprocessing. The stirring action of vertical kneader helps ensure materials are evenly mixed, and advance processing steps may include preheating or other chemical reactions.
  • 3. Add Liquid Components
    The preparation of some propellants may require the addition of liquid components, such as the addition of liquid fuels or other additives. The design od vertical kneader allows efficient mixing of materials of different phases.
  • 4. High Shear Mixing
    High shear mixing step in vertical kneader ensures homogeneous mixing of all components at a microscopic level. This is critical to ensure that propellant delivers consistent performance when used.
  • 5. Heating and Reaction
    Depending on the properties of the propellant, heating step may be necessary to promote the reaction. Some models of vertical kneaders may be equipped with heating system, allowing precise control of the temperature during reaction.
  • 6. Cooling and Solidification
    After complete mixing and reaction, the propellant may need to cool and solidify. This can be achieved by stopping stirring and using a vertical kneader carrying a cooling system.
  • 7. Grain Adjustments
    Depending on the use and specification of the propellant, the finished product may require particle conditioning or grinding to ensure it meets the specified particle size and shape.

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