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PVA Adhesives and PVAc Adhesives | JCT Machinery

December 19, 2023
PVA Adhesives and PVAc Adhesives
  • 1. Chemical Composition
    PVA Adhesives: PVA adhesives are synthetic adhesives based on polyvinyl alcohol. Polyvinyl alcohol is a polymer whose basic structture contains vinyl alcohol monomers.
    PVAc Adhesives: PVAc adhesives are synthetic adhesives based on polyethylene vinyl acetate. Its basic structure consists of ethylene vinyl acetate monomer.
  • 2. Features and Uses
    PVA Adhesives
    • Color: PVA adhesives is usually white or milky white.
    • Features: Good water resistance, flexibility and transparency. Commonly used to bond a variety of porous materials such as wood, paper and fabric.
    • Usage: Suitable for woodworking, paper art, handicrafts and other fields, as well as applications requiring transparent adhesive dots.
    PVAc Adhesives
    • Color: PVAc adhesives are also usually white, but may favor transparency.
    • Characteristics: It has strong adhesive force and becomes transparent or translucent after drying. Relatively low resistance to water.
    • Usage: Mainly used in carpentry, decoration, construction and some applications that require strong adhesion.
  • 3. Hydrolyzability
    PVA Adhesives: PVA adhesives are soluble in water, which make easy to clean and dry quickly after application. Once dry, its bonding strength is relatively high.
    PVAc Adhesives: PVAc adhesives have poor solubility in water, especially once dry. It usually takes some time to fully dry and cure after application.
  • 4. Scenes To Be Used
    PVA Adhesives: Suitable for scenes that require transparency, flexibility and good water resistance, such as handicrafts, paper arts, woodworking, etc.
    PVAc Adhesives: Suitable for scenes that require high bonding strength and relatively minor water resistance, such as carpentry, decoration and construction.

Both PVA adhesives and PVAc adhesives are multi-functional synthetic adhesives, but their selection needs to be considered based on specific application requirements, such as water resistance, color, transparency and bonding strength.

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